The Great Meditation Tips Series – Part 1

5 Fabulous Tips for Making Space for Yourself

Heart + Mind Yoga honors the wisdom of both the heart and the mind. During meditation, you take the time to observe your conscious thoughts (your mind) and put yourself into a state where you can receive the wisdom of your unconscious thoughts (your heart).

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting up a series of tips to help you to attain a deep,  meditative state.

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Choose a space to meditate where you feel welcomed and at home

When you meet a friend for a nice conversation, you choose a place where you feel comfortable to talk without a lot of distractions. When you meditate, prepare a space where you can give yourself that same quality of attention you would give a close friend.

Place a pen and notebook, or an audio recorder, or a phone notes app where you can easily reach it

When you take the time to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, you receive both needling reminders of tasks to add to your to do list and deep insightful intuitive knowledge you won’t ever want to forget. These insights, which are the fruit of meditation, become a barrier to moving to the place beyond thought. Be prepared to record them quickly and with as little interruption to your meditative state as possible so you can move past them.

I prefer pen and paper; devices can bring their own set of distractions.

Use a timer or a set a clock in your line of sight where you can easily check it

Time management is a valuable skill you develop for taking care of yourself and your loved ones. However, letting go of your normal subliminal unease about meeting your next commitment in a timely fashion can be a huge challenge to entering a meditative state. If you set a timer, you know the timer is taking care of time for you.

Turn off your phone … or not

When you meditate, the distractions of your mind’s constant vigilance is far more of an issue than external distractions like ringing telephones.

The theme to all of these tips is offering helpful ideas for minimizing the distractions your mind is constantly throwing at you.

Yes, your phone is one huge distraction device, but sometimes knowing you can be reached by a loved one gives you more piece of mind than solitude.

If you have children in school, or parents who depend on you, or a spouse who is traveling on a dangerous mission, shutting off your phone might create more mind chaos than it reduces. In that case, leave it on vibrate.

If you think you will relax more with it off, by all means do that.

Wrap up in a shawl or blanket, or wear a jacket. Wear socks or cover your feet, too.

When you are not moving, your body temperature drops. If you are taking the time to nurture yourself, being warm and toasty is a necessity.

Now you are ready to tune into yourself…watch for my next post on settling in.

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