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I am a passionate project manager, video producer, and online course creator with an eye for detail. I love working with talented team members to bring out the very best in them to create innovative new ways of telling a story.



Video Production

I've been producing videos since college, when I produced GTV, our creative television show.

Though I can do a little bit of everything behind the scenes, my strength lies in creative direction and production.

Here is a sampling of the videos I've produced for my own company and others.

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TC8000 Launch Video

This video was used in a sales enablement course. We were looking for ways to make our learning more exciting and less educational feeling, and were focusing on rapid development techniques. I directed the Zebra (formerly Motorola Solutions) video production team on this shoot. The video production team recorded conversations with the industrial design team that led up the development of the bar code scanner, shot footage of their workspace and warehouse setup, and then edited the video into a story by interweaving the footage to the voice of the engineers. It turned out a lot more fun and editorial than many of our usual training videos.

Mindful Movement Yoga Course

I hired a local videographer to help me create this video for my own Mindful Movement yoga course. It was really important to me to show the movements at the speed of my own breath, so this was a tricky video to create. Instead of editing the images to a voice track, as is usual, I added the voiceover to match the video. This made it possible to show the movements at the actual speed of my practice.

PD40 Sales Enablement Course Video

This whiteboard style video was developed for a course that qualifies Zebra partners to sell a credit card processing device. I storyboarded the concept with the product manager and international sales team, then directed the Zebra graphics and video teams. This whiteboard style video was popular at the time, and give the presentation a fun sizzle. I storyboarded and scripted the video, oversaw the development of custom illustrations and directed the voiceover talent. I supported the video team to make sure all the graphics could be used by the (very buggy) whiteboard software.

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PD40 How To Video

Part of a set of instructional videos, for this shoot, I grabbed a camera person, and we shot the lead engineer demonstrating important functions of the device. These videos were then edited with labels. This style of video works well for a support video, because the user can follow the on screen prompts while using the product.

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Digital Course Creation Bootcamp: What is Teaching? What is Learning?

I scripted, designed, and recorded this video using PowerPoint for my own course, Digital Course Creation Bootcamp. I chose PowerPoint because I am able to link the audio to each slide. This gives me the freedom to make edits to the course and to recombine slides into new videos, while maintaining consistency of my content. It also solves the issue of having a way to rapidly create videos, as I recorded over 30 videos for this course.

VTS Medical Systems Promo Video

VTS Medical Systems was hands-down my favorite job. This gorgeous video is a showpiece promoting the high tech audio-visual work at VTS, shot in true 4K to play on our high resolution medical monitors.

We oversaw an independent contractor for this video. We had to organize all the video assets we'd captured with our own equipment and determine how those clips would be used to tell the story. We also directed the performances of our co-workers for this shoot. You can catch a glimpse of me at the end in VTS's in-house screening room!

(Due to images of surgeries, this is age restricted so you have to watch it on YouTube)

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Video in a Box Promo Video

In this promotional video I am on camera. Video in a Box was a concept that I developed with Longview Productions to make it affordable for small business owners to create a promo video for their site. We set up my office with a simple, professional set that clients could style with a few books or objects to represent their business, gave them some coaching to script and prep for the shoot, then brought them in to perform on camera and edited their video into a final product.

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Video in a Box for Linda Bullard AKA "The Business Plug"

Linda Bullard took us up on the opportunity to create a promotional video for her business. She styled the bookshelf with her own books and delivered her script without any rehearsal. This was a simple one camera shoot.

My role for this shoot was helping with the script and directing the performance.



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